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Access the massive public healthcare market of Finland!

In Finland the medical and healthcare field is largely controlled by government-owned companies and institutions. The wide range of medical and healthcare services guaranteed to everyone by the universal healthcare mean that healthcare sector is large and consumes lots of healthcare products. Additionally, Finnish population is aging quite fast, meaning that the need for healthcare services and products will drastically increase in the upcoming decade.

Even though the Finnish healthcare market is large and lucrative for product and service providers, the market is really difficult to enter. The role of the government as a provider of healthcare services means that all the purchases are made through bidding process. Unfortunately all the material considering the needs and requirements are in Finnish, making the competition in the field quite unfair for international companies. There is need for new players to gain access to the market and improve the competition.

We have decades worth of experience in the Finnish medical and healthcare field and we are an expert when it comes to bidding processes and selling to public healthcare sector. We want to help bring new companies and products to the Finnish market and we offer our expertise in the field as a gateway to the Finnish market and into the public sector.


Our expertise includes

- Helping to identify the products that have demand in Finland

- Helping in R&D to meet the requirements of the Finnish buyers

- Helping to find the right clients and bidding processes for your products

- Helping to enter the bidding processes and selling the products


If you want to sell your healthcare products to Finnish public sector, 

contact us, we will help to achieve that!


Mobile: +358 45 226 9474

Whatsapp: +358 45 226 9474

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