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AAMU Medical is a Finnish healthcare products distributor. We operate with Finnish public healthcare sector. All our products are high quality products for professionals. Our services and products are primarily aimed at healthcare and hospitals.
All of the products we offer are hospital approved and fulfill the hospital requirements. Our main customers are Finnish public hospitals and healthcare professionals and institutions.
AAMU Medical is 100% Finnish owned
We active seeks new products to offer 
Finnish hospitals and healthcare sector.


Ratsumiehentie 11 o

02430, Masala, Finland 

Puh: +358 45 226 9474


Y-tunnus: 3012543-7

VAT ID / Business ID: FI3012543-7


 - Maanantai - Perjantai : 8:30 – 16:30   

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Puh: +358 45 226  9474